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CCD Tributes – Design Awards Dubai

Jury Member for CCD Tribute – Design Awards

Harsha Kotak

Arvind Kumar

Lindsey Malcolm

Deben Moza

Vibha Sawhney

Adriana Graur

Award Categories

Product Designers Award
Architect & Design Firm Award
Students Award

CCD Tribute Design Awards in Dubai

CCD Tribute – Design Awards serve to recognize, reward, and celebrate design excellence across a broad range of categories related to Commercial interior design including product design, lighting design, furniture design, and interior design. Projects may be located anywhere in the world.

Call For Entries

CCD Tribute – Design Awards invites interior designers, architects, and design teams worldwide to submit their best conceptual, in-progress, or completed work. Evaluation of Entries to the Interior Design Awards is voted by a jury panel that consists of industry experts, academics, design professionals, press members as well as architects. The judging process, which is based on international standards is anonymous, transparent, and confidential. Entries are judged for both technical content and aesthetic creativity to ensure that only the entries that truly demonstrate fresh, artistic, and brilliant approaches to interior design would be highlighted. Entries are expected to demonstrate advancement for social, technical, environmental, and economic factors. Entries will be peer-reviewed and voted on criteria such as design quality, innovation, spatial design, ergonomics, flow design, public benefits, user-friendliness, efficiency, sustainability, best practices, sustainability, and good use of space. The decision of the jury shall be final.

Applications & Deadline Entries to CCD Tribute

CCD Tribute – Design Awards shall be made before April 15th, 2022. Results will be announced on May 18th at CCD Design Conference Networking Night. Please refer to the competition website for Gala-Night and Award Ceremony dates.

International design talent from all over the world are invited to enter the very best of interior projects and products. Prospective participants are kindly required to submit photographs or renders exemplifying the entire completed project. Entries may be submitted by any company or individual involved in the creation or production of the interior project, including designers, the firm, clients, etc. Entries shall be made online at where further information such as list of jury members, eligibility criteria, submission forms and presentation guidelines could also be obtained.

The winners of CCD Tribute

CCD Tribute – Design Awards will be eligible to receive the CCD Design Prize which includes a series of PR and marketing services for winners including but not limited to: press release preparation and distribution to various social media & electronic/print publications, the ability to use the award winner logo and certificate as a part of communications and marketing, inclusion in designer rankings as well as a special interview with the award-winning designers. Award winners will also be given the special CCD Tribute trophy & the certificate of CCD design excellence. Winning designs will be exhibited on the home page in the online gallery of best interior projects. Laureates will also get significant media recognition via dozens of press partners including leading design portals, e-zines, magazines, and websites. Winners will be promoted through the press and public relations campaigns to reach various editors worldwide through press release preparation and distribution.

About the International Interior Design Award CCD Tribute

CCD Tribute – Design Award, which have conferred international significance is committed to supporting creativity and competence in interior design by highlighting best interior design products & projects. CCD Tribute – Design Awards are especially established to create an incentive for Commercial interior designers and interior design companies worldwide to come up with superior designs that are not only aesthetically attractive but also highly functional. CCD Tribute – Design Awards aims to create awareness for good interior design practices & principles and to recognize outstanding interior projects from around the world.

About CCD Tribute

CCD Tribute – Design Award & Competition is one of the Worlds’ unique and most successful independent design awards programs reaching mainly India & Various other countries worldwide through the gateway – Dubai. CCD Tribute – Design awards program celebrates the best of product, service, graphic and spatial design across 3 categories. These Design Awards are given for products, services, or projects that demonstrate the highest level of achievement within their category, in accordance with the judging criteria. The ultimate aim of the CCD Tribute – Design Award & Competition is to push designers, architects and companies worldwide to come up with superior works that benefit society.

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